Sunday, May 12, 2013

To Forget is to be human and enjoy it......

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“Forgetfulness is a form of freedom.” ― Kahlil Gibran

Truer words have never been spoken.I tend to associate this with myself more than anyone else in my life though Ill even add my mom to the fray.There may be severe ramifications in case you forget to lock your car , forget to switch off an iron when you are not at home or even when a souffle falls flat due to over cooking.Forgetfulness can also be a form of emancipation if its a trait you have .It can literally set you free.We all carry a lot of emotional baggage along with us .We analyse each instance in our life and whether it was right or wrong , who hurt us and how we were wronged etc etc.If we forget and don't mull over past blunders and past wrongs we can be free,free to be fearless and free to do what we want.

This story is about a new baker who was struck by the forgetfulness fairy if there is one. Sanskriti was well versed in the art of eating cakes - Cakes iced and decorated with marshmallow fondant,chocolate cakes and even mango cakes thanks to the passionate bakers in her house - her mom and her aunt . Soon she  was starting out on her culinary journey and baking though rewarding has its own pitfalls. ..oooh the batter thickens 

Mom's Jewelery is beautiful and wearing her mom's baubles was Sanskriti's favorite past-time and yes they glittered more so on her young and butterfly like disposition.So dawned the day when Sanskriti decided to surprise her mom with a home made mother day cake.Adorned with her mom's engagement ring she consulted her recipes.She measured , she sifted , she mixed , she poured and finally she baked. Once the cake cam out all soft and spongy , she set about icing the cake with her mom's favorite chocolate fudge sauce. Aaahh!!!!!! The lusciousness of the cake was a sure treat.Sanskrit's mom was received home and given the customary hugs and Happy Mother's Day was shouted on top of the Voices. The Duo decided to go for a celebratory dinner and decided to dress up . When the Mom decided to bling up she searched high and low for her engagement ring but it was for naught ..Boo Hooo.. With a sad heart and not wanting to disappoint her offspring , mom went on the  dinner.All through the yummy pot-stickers the mom thought of the ring , she slurped the soup and her tears and the noodles and cashew and veggie studded chicken reminded her of the studded ring.

They returned home and the cake was duly produced and admired and ooohed and aahed upon and then was cut (The Sacrilege ).Mom was given the first slice as the guest of honor.She bit into it and thanked her toothpaste and her religious dental routine when she almost cracked her teeth on you guessed it , her engagement ring. It was a new birth at-least for the ring .All was forgiven and it was a happy ending to a happy day .

It was all good and though sanskriti was contrite , she being of the sunny disposition promptly  forgot about the almost loss of her mom's ring and hence being fearless about other mishaps carried on baking.  So carried on her culinary shenanigans and her next adventure was the incident when she made  home made cinnamon rolls while wearing her Mom's Diamond solitaires ..Stay tuned 

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