Friday, May 24, 2013

Friends are Yum oops Good !!!!!!

Friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest… It’s about who came, and never left your side…

Friends are like a warm chocolate cake drizzled with fudge sauce , the feeling of contentment after reading pride and prejudice for the umpteenth time and the knowing who the murderer is before the end of a cozy murder mystery.They all make you feel good ........

Friends may come and friends may go but good friends are always here to last. This is the story of Sanskriti and Sneha, of Maggi and chocolate cupcakes and of a matchmaking effort actually going right .
Sanskriti was all excited to head off to the US of A after securing a scholarship to study for her MBA.She was a little scared and sad to leave all her best friends behind ,she consoled herself with the though of vonage and skype.She applied for a room-mate and selected what seemed to be the best fit for her - Sneha.And it was that day when she entered the student lodging at the U.It was a big single family home in the Uni area let out to 16 tenants at once with 2 students sharing a room and the kitchens being common. She stepped into the cavernous and dark home only to be greeted by the most comforting smell of it all -Maggi and there dressed all in purple was Sneha,  a lissom sylph sheathed in purple..that's what clinched it as sanskriti's favorite color was purple and any girl wearing purple eyeliner and shadow was a girl after her own heart .Here was her newest and probably best est friend Sneha.She was kind,understanding and lent a shoulder to cry  on when sanskriti missed her mom and her mom's chocolate cupcakes .They bonded best on cooking or lack of it on Sneha's side.Maggi was the be all and end all of Sneha's culinary talents .And one fine day Sneha's cousin Nitin was to come and visit her, sneha was all of a tizzy and Sanskriti came to the rescue with her one pot cupcakes - hey its america and they had to wash their own dishes.Hurried applications of mascara and lipsticks later , Nitin arrived to delicious smells wafting about and the tall, dark and handsome hottie locked eyes with Sanskriti and locked lips with her cupcakes.It was love at first bite and look.

Fast forward 10 years and Sneha held court amongst all of Sanskriti's best friends in her wedding to "you guessed it "- Nitin...Matchmaking does bear fruits cause Sanskriti's cousin Upamanyu fell like a ton of bricks (yup ,even though he tried Sneha's brick hard cookies ) for Sneha... Their love story is  to be continued

If you want the recipe for those love inducing cupcakes - here is the link 
Here is the proof of the pudding....

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