Monday, May 13, 2013

I write

Yes , I do write  ,that much is pretty obvious ....But I am now also writing for a site called It’s a content rich site chock full of product reviews, tips, tutorials and tricks. It basically caters to the Indian market and has a plethora of information. You can even ask for advice and initiate discussions.
I submitted a few articles and here is the list and links

1.     Mommy And Me – Nursery Rhymes Workout -It is an article about incorporating fun and fitness into your daily routine .Learn how to work out with your child using nursery rhymes.

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2.     Pre Natal And Post Natal Exercises For Moms- This is a comprehensive list of water and yoga based workouts for pre and post natal mom’s

3.     Strength Training and Endurance – A Beginner’s Guide- Here I write about the importance of strength training. I have also included the information about a complete circuit of strength training using weights

4.     5 Benefits of Joining a Health Club- There is always an option of working out at home and joining a health club but there are certain advantages of working out at a health club 

5.     Meet the Super foods – Add Them to Your LifestyleWith the easy availability of various foods and vegetables we can harness their nutrition. Here I enumerate certain foods and their nutritional benefits .I also provide easy ways of incorporating them in your diet and lifestyle.

So check these articles out ……..

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