Thursday, May 14, 2015

Airtel My App - 3 reasons why I heart it

The jingle jangle and clinking sound of money are like music to everyone’s ears. A good deal and cash back can make our day. Welcome to the wonderful world of e-commerce. So many sites and apps are vying to provide awesome deals, discounts and cash backs. The customer is surely spoilt for choice. One of the newest entrants in this scene is the Airtel App. I was quite enamored with the shake ad where everyone is going berserk with the offers and cash back. It surely warranted one look. I decided to download it to my Samsung S2 and waited for the magic.

It's easy enough to download, and you can even enter your phone number to receive a link on your phone. It has also acquired an impressive four-star rating from over eighty thousand users. Once I downloaded the app and set up my account, the plethora of options and possibilities was very exciting. After perusing the app, here are my top three features, which will fit in with my lifestyle

  1. Awesome Offers suits my pocket.
Like all budget oriented and deal seeking individuals, I love offers. My airtel app offers plenty of deals and discounts. The fun part is that you can shake to reveal more offers. These free coupons help stretch my rupee just that much further. They have partnered with reputed brands like Cafe Coffee Day for genuine schemes. So go ahead and recharge your phone and shake for awesome rewards. Yippee, the sound of savings never sounder more mellifluous.  

  1. Safe and Secure platform for peace of mind
I am always scared that my cyber information may be misused and whether all the free recharge sites are legitimate or not. I don't want to end up as a victim of cyber and identity fraud. Airtel my app puts my mind at ease. It has the PCIDSS certification, which ensures that transactions are encrypted and secure. Therefore, I can go ahead and recharge my account, opt for fast checkouts for Data recharges, DTH recharge and even land line and broadband bills. I can load airtel money cash and be worry free.
  1. Ease for my busy lifestyle
My Airtel app is certainly one of the best ways to keep on top of all your bills and recharges. This multi service platform unquestionably eases the daily stresses of life. Now I just need one app for managing all my connections. It even sends out reminders and notifications for due dates and recharge validity. You can save frequent recharges and other payments on the home screen using the “I want to feature” in the app. It's easy enough to scroll through the transaction history for clarifications. Furthermore, it provides alerts on the transactions for confirmations. It's fast and easy and helps save our precious time. All the information is available at one place, and the 24 by 7 customer service is a boon. All the service requests can also be tracked through My Accounts.
So, what are you waiting for? All these fun perks and cha-ching offers are waiting for you. You can get more information at   

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Friday, May 8, 2015

Finding expert gynaecology help in Chennai

“ Health is Wealth” - Anonymous  
This adage is especially true these days when stress, pollution and bad eating habits are taking a toll on our bodies. For a multitasking woman, it is extremely essential to maintain good health. Unfortunately, women are so busy that they never have the time to look after themselves.  
It's time to take a stand and pledge for women's health. Women should be aware of health issues and should seek preventive maintenance. Gynecological issues always get pushed to the back burner, but they should take priority in a woman’s life. Women who live in metro cities like Chennai have access to reliable, hygienic and well prepared specialists. Centers offer state of the art technology and trained staff for women's health issues like Hysterectomy, Pap Smear and Colposcopy, Endometriosis treatment, Fibroid's treatment, Urinary Incontinence treatment and Infections treatment. Furthermore, health issues like Prolapse treatment, Premenstrual Syndrome treatment, Contraception and HPV Vaccination are covered
Let's look at some centers where one can find the best gynaecologist in Chennai  
  1. Apollo Hospitals
Apollo is one of the most renowned and specialized medical centers, which offers expert obstetrics and gynaecology in Chennai They provide the entire spectrum of wellness check services, procedures, maternity care and delivery. In fact, Apollo Cradle is the specialized center for superlative gynecological services as well as prenatal and antenatal services. Please refer to for further information.  

  1. Cloud Nine Hospitals
This super speciality women and maternity hospital boasts of one of the best neonatal survival rates in the country. They have the latest technologies and equipment. Experts in infertility management, gynecological services and procedures ensure a comfortable experience for the patients. Please refer to for further details.
  1. Infertility management hospitals
Various infertility management hospitals like Shrushti, Iswarya Fertility center and Chennai Fertility clinic are the one stop for all gynecological and obstetric concerns. These hospitals provide a safe and comfortable environment for women health issues and pregnancy-related concerns.Regards
Jiya Gupta
Appt G001

These are some of the highest rated hospitals in terms of customer satisfaction.
I hope this information is useful for anyone who is in search for the finest gynecological care in Chennai. Always refer to branded hospitals, which are able to maintain good staff and sterilized equipment. Do your research and ensure that the doctor meets your expectations . In case of any concerns, you can always get a second opinion.Best of Luck!  

Premium dental care services in Bangalore

Shiny, sparkly and healthy white teeth infuse a strong sense of confidence to face the world. On the other hand, unhealthy and dull teeth make us feel under confident and unattractive. Fortunately, advanced technology and affordable services offer many options for dental care services for all age groups, including children.
Bangalore, the cyber city has a multi cultural mix of residents and offers some of the most safe and credible dental clinics for all your dental needs. Let's look at the premium dental clinics in Bangalore, and the services that they offer
  1. Apollo White Dental  
It is the largest and most trustworthy dental care chain with over 70 centres in 17 cities. With best in class hygiene and sterilization standards, this chain ensures a comfortable experience for its customers. Apollo dental is also perfect for children's dental concerns .They provide cutting-edge technology and their best-trained dentists in bangalore with a special provision for children. The premises offer a cafe for food, Xbox games, movie and music facilities. They offer a plethora of dental care services like cosmetic dentistry, braces, cavity prevention treatments and implants. Please refer to for further details. It has thirteen centers in Bangalore.
  1. KDC Dental Care  
Founded over 18 years ago , this dental care chain has twelve centers. They offer advanced dental care with due emphasis on professionalism and hygiene. They offer complete services for the entire family. Their expertise in pediatric dentistry ensures happy and healthy smiles for children. Parents can visit these premises for their kid's first dental visits, annual checkup, habit Breaking Appliances, management of decayed teeth and prevention of Caries. This is one of the best dental clinics in bangalore. Please refer to for any further queries.
  1. Axiss Dental  
It is one of the largest Multi Specialties Dental Chains in India. They have more than thirty centers in Bangalore.Axiss dental provides state of the art technology, highly specialized staff and internal standards of service and hygiene. They offer complete solutions for the family. Seasoned practitioners offer best children’s dentistry services like digital x-rays for 90% less radiation exposure, oral hygiene counseling for kids, application of dental sealants for cavity prevention and the use of metal Free Fillings. Please refer to for further queries.

These are some of the most renowned, trusted and reliable dental care clinics. With so many centers, there is always one near your location. So, what are you waiting for? Let your smile dazzle everyone.   

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

#Eknayileague with Kapil Dev - My take on this trending topic

Kapil Dev - The name is synonymous with legendary cricket and an even more fabulous personal growth. The youth from Haryana worked hard and has achieved his dreams. Through this journey, he has inspired a whole generation of Indians. Therefore, when #EkNayiLeague started trending on twitter and other social media, I was definitely intrigued.
eknayi league.jpg
Image courtesy #EkNayiLeague twitter account

Looking at the videos, Kapil talks about sports persons receiving compensation and their slice of glory. He speaks about Yuvraj and his trials and triumphs, as well as how Sania Mirza is an inspiration to so many girls. On the lighter side, he also claims that “Bittoo” aka the Common Man can finally take part in the league.
All this sounds quite interesting. We as a nation are passionate about Cricket and now hockey, and tennis has also caught on. I feel that Kapil Paaji is proposing #EkNayiLeague where we can have sportspersons from all the fields of sports. They would be in a pool, and we could buy sportspersons to make up our own teams. As and when these stars would perform, they would be awarded points, which would help us in climbing up in the team rankings. At the end, the team with the maximum points would be declared the winner. The prize money could then be split between the players, team owners and charity. I am sure this would be a win-win situation for all. The players would contribute with their heart and soul for such an innovative and humanitarian project. Furthermore, celebrities who are known for their advocacy of social causes, and changes can be roped in.  

Hence, it would work somewhat like a fantasy league. For example, I could choose Yuvraaj, Sania and even some wrestlers to complete my #EkNayiLeague. Every week we would get an update on the points awarded to them. At the end of the period, the team with the highest point will win.

Kapil paaji also mentioned every time that if we play with our heart rather than our head, we would be out hit wicket. Hence, we should choose the team players based on their merit and not their emotional value. I am quite excited over the prospect of putting together a dream team. This league would also encourage sportspersons from all the walks of life. Hopefully, wrestling, track and field and even kabbadi players would get the right encouragement and compensation that they deserve.

If you are as excited as I am, then keep an eye on the twitter handle #EkNayiLeague as well as the website I am sure that we will all be pleasantly surprised when the details about the league are ultimately unveiled. My fingers are crossed for the next-generation league which would surely bring a revolution in the sports world of India. Finally, the entire concept brings the old punch line to my mind, “Kapil dev da jawab Nahi”!   

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Top Fertility Clinics in Chennai

The pitter-patter of little feet, the baby fragrance and the sheer innocence of children inject a feeling of hope and motivation in our lives. A family becomes complete when two adults bond and takes responsibility of raising a child. Unfortunately, stress in our work and lives may make conception of a baby a little difficult.  
baby 1.jpg
Insert Image 1 courtesy www.  
Fortunately, families need not despair as advanced technology can help realize the dream of a happy and healthy baby. Fertility clinics provide the entire gamut of services, which help couples conceive and deliver babies. Let's look at the top fertility clinics in Chennai.
  1. Iswarya Fertility  
This is one of the most successful and renowned fertility centers in Chennai. It has four locations at Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai and Palani with the best gynecologists. This clinic offers key facilities like IVF, Surrogacy treatment and delivery of the baby. The center boasts of having the best doctors and technicians on board for various infertility treatments. With the number of branches, it's easy to visit the center. It is truly one of the best IVF Clinics in Chennai. Please refer to for any further queries.  
  1. Chennai Fertility  
The chennai fertility center and research institute has an impressive array of gynaecologists and embryologists who use cutting-edge technology for treating infertility. The price for the treatments ranges from rupees two lacs to Rs five lacs. They also offer an innovative 100 % money back scheme in case the treatment doesn't provide the desired result. (conditions apply) .They use high purity consistent of recombinant FSH (rFSH) rather than the urinary FSH (uFSH) for superior results. It is definitely one of the best fertility hospitals in chennai .Please refer to for any further concerns.  
  1. Shrushti Fertility  
Shrushti is one of the pioneers in this field and is the first clinic to introduce a highly successful IVF procedure at just rupees ninety thousand. They have an excellent success rate of 65% in Assisted reproductive technologies. Moreover, they offer a discreet surrogacy program. Furthermore, their expertise in reproductive surgeries has helped many women conceive naturally after microsurgeries. Please refer to for any further queries.  
  1. Apollo Hospital  
Apollo is a trusted name with branches all across India. In chennai , they provide the best in class fertility services. Apollo provides access to a world-class team of specialists in Reproductive medicine, Ultrasonographers, Embryologists and Andrologists. They ensure the best service from pre conception to delivery. For more information refer to
It is essential to engage in all the prescribed tests and evaluations before embarking on this journey of assisted reproduction. Always choose a hospital which employs certified professionals and where patients are a priority. Wishing you all the best for your quest for a happy and healthy baby.