Wednesday, May 6, 2015

#Eknayileague with Kapil Dev - My take on this trending topic

Kapil Dev - The name is synonymous with legendary cricket and an even more fabulous personal growth. The youth from Haryana worked hard and has achieved his dreams. Through this journey, he has inspired a whole generation of Indians. Therefore, when #EkNayiLeague started trending on twitter and other social media, I was definitely intrigued.
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Image courtesy #EkNayiLeague twitter account

Looking at the videos, Kapil talks about sports persons receiving compensation and their slice of glory. He speaks about Yuvraj and his trials and triumphs, as well as how Sania Mirza is an inspiration to so many girls. On the lighter side, he also claims that “Bittoo” aka the Common Man can finally take part in the league.
All this sounds quite interesting. We as a nation are passionate about Cricket and now hockey, and tennis has also caught on. I feel that Kapil Paaji is proposing #EkNayiLeague where we can have sportspersons from all the fields of sports. They would be in a pool, and we could buy sportspersons to make up our own teams. As and when these stars would perform, they would be awarded points, which would help us in climbing up in the team rankings. At the end, the team with the maximum points would be declared the winner. The prize money could then be split between the players, team owners and charity. I am sure this would be a win-win situation for all. The players would contribute with their heart and soul for such an innovative and humanitarian project. Furthermore, celebrities who are known for their advocacy of social causes, and changes can be roped in.  

Hence, it would work somewhat like a fantasy league. For example, I could choose Yuvraaj, Sania and even some wrestlers to complete my #EkNayiLeague. Every week we would get an update on the points awarded to them. At the end of the period, the team with the highest point will win.

Kapil paaji also mentioned every time that if we play with our heart rather than our head, we would be out hit wicket. Hence, we should choose the team players based on their merit and not their emotional value. I am quite excited over the prospect of putting together a dream team. This league would also encourage sportspersons from all the walks of life. Hopefully, wrestling, track and field and even kabbadi players would get the right encouragement and compensation that they deserve.

If you are as excited as I am, then keep an eye on the twitter handle #EkNayiLeague as well as the website I am sure that we will all be pleasantly surprised when the details about the league are ultimately unveiled. My fingers are crossed for the next-generation league which would surely bring a revolution in the sports world of India. Finally, the entire concept brings the old punch line to my mind, “Kapil dev da jawab Nahi”!   

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