Sunday, January 27, 2013

Book reviews

These days the library's being kind to me and all the books I'm putting on hold are coming through ..what I'm reading now.

 1.The Gilded shroud by Elizabeth bailey - The premise is good but the book is one boring yawn n the characters do poorly developed that you have no empathy for anyone .Set amongst Victorian times ,the detailing leaves much to be desired for and the plot when unravels is convulated as explained by the female detective.poor ill give it 1 star. Dont pick .
Find it or dont find it here
 2. A simple murder by Eleanor Kuhns -First off why why did I pick it and why did I read it .Mystery is what I crave as much as Chinese food .Curse you postpartum weight and diet.This book is worse off than Chinese food ..why did I choose it .The premise death and yawn... sorry was that me or was it you.. Simple and boring book
 3.Come on Dudley by David Wojtowycz- Its such a cute book... Hey its not for me.. Its for my 2 year old kiddo...The illustrations are cute .. Storyline is simple and easy for the toddler to follow .The characters are soo cute especially Poppy pig.. what she does"oh my my ".5 stars
4.Curious George takes a vacations- What can I say about Curious George.. he's so curious.. sometimes I think Ive given birth to his Twin.. Nice stories .especially when george takes a vacation to Hawaii as it snowed in the Big City. Kiddo Loves it sooo 5 stars

More on Books, Her 2nd Birthday and Potty training later on ...In the meanwhile for your delectation only

Friday, January 25, 2013

Coconut - A natural elixir

The heat oops cold is on . The little weather birdies say that its the coldest in 25 years..And as always the companions of cold are dryness , itchiness and flakiness and if you have a 2sh toddler these seem to be a triple threat
Enter coconut oil- the savior (cue tune in the Head dam dam di dam)

Coconut oil has often found place in our ancient texts and ayurveda but these days... purity is a big question so if you want the best results go for cold pressed organic coconut oil. I am enumerating a few of the ways I use coconut in my daily life.... Your mission if you choose to accept it is to Try , test and report back... Damn , I wish Ethan Hawke was here right now..

Ok moving to the more mundane

  1. Add a few cubes of camphor ( sold in packets ) in coconut oil. Keep it in the sun for 20 minutes. Apply this oil on your hair and scalp. It helps in tackling dandruff.Test a patch on your skin for any allergies
  2. Deep conditioning treatment - Apply warm oil and massage into scalp. Cover with a towel soaked in hot water and wrung out to provide a steam and heat treatment. Leave in for 30 minutes .
  3. Make up remover – use a cotton sponge and a dab of coconut oil 
  4. Massage Oil – Warm a bit of coconut oil and massage and massage 
  5. Stretch Mark Cream and Scar fader – coconut oil is great at nourishing damaged skin. It is specially beneficial for new scars that are red . It helps in fading the scars and improves the overall appearance of skin making it softer and more supple 
Here's a new product that seems to offer  a lot - Introducing .....parachute Advansed body Lotion. First off the fragrance - Cool mint and coconut milk doesn't overpower you and punch you in the face with coconut.It soothes and comforts you with a pleasant fragrance.It readily absorbs into the skin and doesn't  leave a greasy aftereffect making it perfect for early on and all day application  

First off the ad is so mushy mushy and trust me if it leads to even an inch of the magic provided then I'm in .This year they have launched a variant called deep nourish. My husband has quite a sensitive olfactory nerve to my surprise and Im sure the fragrance of this will entice him for another touch ooops smell

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

The new "hair " aka new year party

And we are back with a bang literally after the new year . Welcome 2013.. 
Lots to party and plan but more about that later. I was thinking of something that happened 
over the course of the new year party where I wish I had opted for my hair removal in time for this year literally .
Picture this..Background Noise- Toddler wailing on full volume . Soft focus zoom out -Pretty lady all dressed up.Move to Zoom in - the lady struggling with her tights and realizing somethings not right . The Doorbell rings and in waltzes the Romantic Hero.. Paramaparam... Cut to Romantic orchestra and the baby wailing louder and louder. The Time's now 7 pm and the Hero aka husband insists that the Chariot awaits and he is here to spirit the angels away to a new year party . The Husband takes the a swoon and with a dramatic pause states.. Is stubble the new female thing.?... OOOOppppsss , I forgot to Wax and then there was no time... So that's why my tights were struggling. I wish I had a product to do the job for me asap as time was a wasting. But , Alas there was no time and I had to leave as I was thankful for the dim lights .Still I wish I had used the Gillette products for a smooth and speedy job well done.This taught me a lesson and I was prepared the next time the Hubs announced a further soiree.

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