Saturday, January 19, 2013

The new "hair " aka new year party

And we are back with a bang literally after the new year . Welcome 2013.. 
Lots to party and plan but more about that later. I was thinking of something that happened 
over the course of the new year party where I wish I had opted for my hair removal in time for this year literally .
Picture this..Background Noise- Toddler wailing on full volume . Soft focus zoom out -Pretty lady all dressed up.Move to Zoom in - the lady struggling with her tights and realizing somethings not right . The Doorbell rings and in waltzes the Romantic Hero.. Paramaparam... Cut to Romantic orchestra and the baby wailing louder and louder. The Time's now 7 pm and the Hero aka husband insists that the Chariot awaits and he is here to spirit the angels away to a new year party . The Husband takes the a swoon and with a dramatic pause states.. Is stubble the new female thing.?... OOOOppppsss , I forgot to Wax and then there was no time... So that's why my tights were struggling. I wish I had a product to do the job for me asap as time was a wasting. But , Alas there was no time and I had to leave as I was thankful for the dim lights .Still I wish I had used the Gillette products for a smooth and speedy job well done.This taught me a lesson and I was prepared the next time the Hubs announced a further soiree.

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