Sunday, January 27, 2013

Book reviews

These days the library's being kind to me and all the books I'm putting on hold are coming through ..what I'm reading now.

 1.The Gilded shroud by Elizabeth bailey - The premise is good but the book is one boring yawn n the characters do poorly developed that you have no empathy for anyone .Set amongst Victorian times ,the detailing leaves much to be desired for and the plot when unravels is convulated as explained by the female detective.poor ill give it 1 star. Dont pick .
Find it or dont find it here
 2. A simple murder by Eleanor Kuhns -First off why why did I pick it and why did I read it .Mystery is what I crave as much as Chinese food .Curse you postpartum weight and diet.This book is worse off than Chinese food ..why did I choose it .The premise death and yawn... sorry was that me or was it you.. Simple and boring book
 3.Come on Dudley by David Wojtowycz- Its such a cute book... Hey its not for me.. Its for my 2 year old kiddo...The illustrations are cute .. Storyline is simple and easy for the toddler to follow .The characters are soo cute especially Poppy pig.. what she does"oh my my ".5 stars
4.Curious George takes a vacations- What can I say about Curious George.. he's so curious.. sometimes I think Ive given birth to his Twin.. Nice stories .especially when george takes a vacation to Hawaii as it snowed in the Big City. Kiddo Loves it sooo 5 stars

More on Books, Her 2nd Birthday and Potty training later on ...In the meanwhile for your delectation only


  1. Hope you get books every time when you need them.