Monday, February 25, 2013

Dumbells and Baby belles

Its been a hard days night and I've been craving.......
Its been a long and sometimes arduous journey across post par tum paunch punch out.....
Ive been following the route of Gym and Zumba classes et al but this week on a smart start session at my Y my octogenarian trainer suggested I amp it up and embrace weights also.

So what did I do... went and grabbed the pinkest set of Dumbells... Hi Girlfriends... Even my Baby is into it.. So much so that shes even pumping muscles yet

So here's the Plan .. I am going to continue my Zumba , Kickboxing and Musce Pump Classes with Jillian Michaels Shred in 30 Days

Here is the link on youtbe for Level 1 - trust me start from there as I just did level 2 and its Killer. There are 3 levels.. Once you are level 1 then you can search and go on from there

Here is Level 1

Here is Level 2 Killer
Finally Level 3 ... Once I complete 30 days of this Regime I am going to post some info on the same. Hold me on to that

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

On all Good things in life

I have been c on a lot of things and this blog is one of those.... In the past few weeks we've had quite a few events for the Baby's 2nd Birthday ... Exclusively catered and decorated by yours truly ...

Here is Party Number 1

Menu for the Party
1.Mixed Veg Pakodas
2.Matri or as Delhites call it Matar Kucha
3. Maa ki Daal....Ooops no Offence its actually Black Dal or as we Delhites like to say Dal Makhani
4.Matar and Pyaz Pulao
6. Mixed Veg Kofta in Palak Gravy
7.Cake made at Chez Moi.......

I have been looking for a comprehensive Menu for throwing a party for 12 people and this actually is perfect .Let me break it down for you -
1.On the Day Prior .. Bake and Cool the cake
2. Make Butter cream icing - for me I wanted a little stable icing sooo
1/2 cup shortening
1/2 cup butter
3 cups icing sugar
1tsp Vanilla
1-2 tbsp Warm Milk/ Water based on your required consistency. You can thicken or thin it by adding more sugar for a stiffer icing and more water for a thinner spreadable consistency .
Beat the Shortening and sugar with an electric blender for minimum 5 minutes till it gets soft and fluffy.Gradually incorporate sugar , vanilla and liquid while beating the mixture...Once everything is well blended... Tint it on......
3.Make Marshmallow fondant for roses - It is cheaper and tastier than fondant
1 cup of mini-marshmallows and 2tbsp pf water...Microwave 20 seconds or till you see the marshmallows begin to melt
Dump in the goey mixture into a well made out of 1 pound of sugar and grease your hands with crisco ... Keep Greasing and kneading till you get a smooth pliable mixture .... Leave to rest for 3 -4 hours and use for any fondant decorations..I place it on cling film for ease of use and use icing sugar or crisco to handle the fondant

Coming up .. Koftas and other parties