Friday, May 24, 2013

I wanna wawa

I'm a total snob wrt COFFEE that I drink from the cafes... Its Starbucks all the way for me ... even when its  bleeding 4.5 bucks a pop...:-)  So to my amazement mybtastebuds have embraced Wawa iced Lattes so much so that I'm probably extruding vanilla chair Latter.. Iced ...Yes trust me Its as Good even better that Starbucks and its poor insipid cousin Dunkin.. Though I do love me a munchkin.. More on that later...So as an Update I Love the Iced Vanilla Chair Latter.. the Vanilla is better than the plain Chair Latter.. and the Chocolate Caramel Rocks my World.... My Babe also loves it soon much... I'll have to put up a snap of her snacking on the whipped cream.. Good that it rids me of the excess calories.. so while the weather is AMAZING.. Here's what I'm reading
desperado - Diana Palmer ...Iffy at best .. 1 out of 5 ..Avoid
I also Watched Leap Year ... I adored it thinking all the while it reminded me of Hindi know what it actually is inspired by Jab we met Yay....
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