Sunday, May 19, 2013

If my Dad was a politician

This is the new blogadda contest and now that I have jumped on to the literary wagon , I need to let my creative juices flow but as always I am typing this at the nth moment.Meanwhile , the baby and the Hubs are locked in a battle for the breakfast.... Any hoooo

The concept is plain and simple - How would my life be if my dad was a politician 

  1. There would be a time for everything and everything in time - One of my Dad's most favorite sayings is that "Time and tide wait for none" and it has been drummed onto our heads so much so that I repeat this to my kiddo tooo. The crux of this saying is that , you cant spend all your time dithering and procrastinating like various politicians in our country .You have to take action or it'll be too late and the opportunity will be lost . He is an ex service man so he makes his decisions and sticks to them. You need to take decisive action when the situation demands. With such a leader , the youth of the country has a fine example.
  2. Promises would be kept- We hear of promises galore from everyone but one needs to have the heart to fulfill them no matter what. Once , on the day of the golden quarterfinal , India vs Pakistan 1996 world cup , we were glued to the screen , My dad promised to take us out to Maurya Sheraton's coffee shop if we won. Our hearts beating and joyous , we won and Dad didn't squelch on the promise and did take us .I still remember that Jumbo chicken hot dog. Be it , the small things or the big things - promises are meant to be kept and should be 
  3. We wouldn't sweat the small things and keep moving on to the Bigger picture -  Red tape anyone ? To do anything and I mean anything there are tons and tons of hurdles and often we are caught in the tangled web we weave. We need to focus on the bigger picture and all these steps are a means to the end but hey at-least try and reach the summit.We need to stop sweating the small stuff and reach the summit
  4. We would be uber trendy - The dad  is totally into trends.Linen shirts check ..Even if grandchildren say ewwww Nanu .Top of the line Computers check and Kindle check..Sure he blows his top hahaha and he does it often but he perseveres and tries to get onto the trend though things often "cheese him off"- his words not mine .We as a nation would be super trendy and would be "supa cool"
  5. Cricket would be our God - I know enough said , its already our god but we would be more and more into it, so much so that the nation would embrace any country v/s any country. We would get up at ungodly hours and watch Zimbabwe v/S New Zealand with as much fervor as we would watch India v/s other neighbors matches.Children would be bought up on highlights and post match discussions rather than nursery rhymes and would learn some swear words to boot also
  6. We would have time for belly laughs -As a nation with poverty and many other ills we often dont feel good enough to laugh that hard belly laugh that makes us slap the table in mirth.If my dad was a politican he would do rather than think and strive to learn and to do new and new things -even to reinvent things.This from my dad who always asked us to be ladylike and when my 2 year old daughter behaves like a hooligan will pardon it and say , kids will be kids. If we are doers , innovators and visionaries we will feel good about us and we will laugh that belly laugh of contentment
My "papa" gets my vote for many other reasons , reasons like changing yourself with times , knowing when to be strict ( really ) and when to be compassionate.Heck , Ill even vote for him to be the head honcho of the country...Cheers !!!! DAD

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