Monday, May 13, 2013

A visit to the sweetest place on earth - Hershey's Chocolate World

AAAhhhhh !!!! The sweet sweet smell of chocolate and a visit to where it all is done makes my heart aflutter much more than even when I had the briefest of dates with my then fiance and now Hubs...Anyhooooo ,the way to a women's heart is and will always be chocolate , though I don't mind the occasional Bling.

Hershey's chocolate world is situated in Hershey's , PA.Straight up Ill let you know that the trip is not worth it if you are just doing that.If you club Hershey's world -the theme park or zoo america then Its a sweet air conditioned , chocolate smelling sweet sweet respite.

Its an hour and a half away from our place and I was skeptical whether my 2 year old would enjoy it but my tot is a chocoholic and I mean chocoholic .She craves chocolate.In a nutshell , heres what you can do

  1. The chocolate Ride- Its a nice 5 minute ride which explains the process of chocolate making and ends with a sweet surprise. Sanskriti liked the talking cows and they have 4D effects 

2. Do the Factory Worker experience - Your kid assists as a factory worker and wears a cap and packs a 
     tin of chocolates.Adorable
3. Take Pics with Chocolate characters like Hershey Bars and Kisses - My tot looooved the characters so
     much , she couldn't stop hugging them..Yes ,I mean literally couldn't stop hugging them.I had to drag her 
     away, yes I know that mean but what would you do if she has a death grip on a hershey kiss character 
      and refuses to let go

4. Trolley tour-  Take a trip around hershey town in a trolley
5. Chocolate  Movie- 4D detective Movie (10 Minutes Long)'s
6. Chocolate Tasting Adventure - A more of a classroom style learning and tasting adventure
7. Create your own chocolate Bar - The stuff dreams are made of .You can be the kid in the willy wonka

Above all you can be a kid in the candy shop with acandy of all sorts and shapes surrounding you.There are excellent food courts which offer savory items which are a must after all that sweetness.Try the cupcakes and chocolate brownies.

All in all its a fun thing to do and cross off your bucket list but do club it with other stuff..Kisses to you literally  since I came loaded with that stuff......

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