Friday, May 24, 2013

Spa day at Home

Aahhh!!! , the rigors of life are all consuming and we start dreading the days as there is nothing new. Hold on Hold on … there is some relief on the way .When you are pressed for time yet still require some r and r – at least  more r and r than snoozing , why not got for a spa day at home. The requirements are limited only to ingredients and a zen space .For me relaxation starts with soothing silence without any demands of this and that .You can even enlist your girlfriends and make it a social event. If you are inviting your friends..the more the merrier. You can take turns – Gossip , chit chats , snacks and take turns doing massages ,applying face packs and even pedicures. The sky is the limit. You can do henna, hair braiding and temporary tattoos etc

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Here’s how to a stress free and easy spa day

1.      Silence and peaceful environment- Banish the kids or any other disturbing elements including your laptop and iPod and put on some nice soothing music.

2.      Practice Pranayama –Follow the do’s and don’ts of yoga – no yoga on full stomach etc and practice meditation for 5 minutes sitting in a comfortable position.

3.      Face Mask- Apply a soothing face mask which tones, tightens and refreshes. Many face masks are available .You can even try DIY’s but test for possible allergies by doing a patch test.

4.      Hair Mask /Hot oil treatment – Do a self hair massage .Hair is often neglected and does not get adequate nutrition.

5.      Soak your tired achy , smelly feet – Soak your feet in warm water with fragrant Epsom salts and your worries will literally melt away.

6.      Relax with a cool beverage – Drink up your cool beverage , tea and just chill chill just chill.

7.      Refreshing bath with aromatic products – This will wash away all the aches , pains and stress and will leave you feeling refreshed. Fragrant products make you smell good and feel good.

The entire process will take no more than 30-40 minutes. What are you waiting for ? You deserve this and who doesn’t want to end up smelling good…? Cheers.

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