Friday, May 24, 2013

Its the long weekend Again

The long weekend looms its ugly head once again and like all desis in Amreeka we're all a flutter to plan out the memorial day weekend

Lets kickoff by saying I made a caramel custard... which took me an hour to steam in a wok...I made it in a cake tin.... Covered it in foil and put it on a grid in a wok and covered the wok...
Here's the link...

The only changes here are
1. Added 2.5 tbsp of custard
2. I steamed it for an Hour
3. I added some lemon rind
4.Added more Vanilla Essence


1. Make the custard with the custard powder
2. Coooooolllll the Mix and then mix it with the eggs spoon by spoon else ull have scrambled eggs
3.Grease your tin with non stick spray ... Itll mould off easily
4. Dont touch Hot caramel...- Pretty obvious... but I scalded my finger and my tongue... Note to self... dont try it to eat hot caramel... heheheheh

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