Friday, May 24, 2013

In search of comfort on Rainy Days

Here is what is on everyone's bucket list when the weather is even a tiny bit rainy..
  1. Chai - Tea with Milk and some flavoring ... my aplologies mrs gupta ..I know you prefer it straight up without any falvorings
  2. Pakode...
But when one is on a perennial diet Always and I mean Always... Drat my weighing machine and my dietitian ... close your eyes Vibha what to do so soak up on the craving....

Gummies... oops distracted...My little one is always on a sugar kick..n is"chhoosing" aka sucking in hindi on the gummy n calling it chingum... her words not mine.BTW this is 
$4.74 for 60 .Nice and chewy and shaped liked princesses.. I sneaked a few also ..They are Delish... Thet provide the pedeatriacian recommended vitamin D and the remaining Vitamins.With the nutrition less food we have these days this is a must 

Anyhooo.. Back to Chai ..Here is the recipe for 2 cups of Ginger Tea.. Bliss
1. Put 2 cups water to boil (start with cold water)
2. Grate in 1 square inch of fresh ginger.Bring to boil and add 1 tbsp of Tea leaves( Brook bond, Tata tea)
3.Let the tea infuse the colour
4.Add 1/4 cup of milk and boil .
5.Cool and Add sugar as taste 

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