Wednesday, May 15, 2013

All Ramped up - A hairy story ....

Its often been said and not in a very complimentary way  that my thatch resembles a bird's all curly and everywhere .Yes , that's my sisters way of motivating me to get better groomed or worse still chop off all my hair.In fact , I have been so plagued by my messy and curly hair that I have spent the better part of my life with short locks.With another head of hair to care , this one the curliest of all (my toddlers), short hair was a winner all the way.
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Though , I've lopped off a lot of hair , I still want it to look stylish and smart.In fact when I do doff off the casual clothes we wear at home ( sweats , any one) and meet civilized people whose idea of fun in not running amok , I like to feel confident of my well coiffed hair.So Tresemme came to the rescue with wonderful products which suit my hair to the the T and provide a much needed base to style my hair and make it ramp ready for real life or at-least good enough to go in public.

I have horrendously and I mean horrendously curly hair so I had to take good ammunition, the mission was to appear in public along with friends at the "please touch me museum " at philly where you guessed it , children were allowed to touch and play with stuff.So Here is what I used

  1. Tresemme climate control shampoo- Its infused with keratin, olive oil and climate controlled complex and helps in fighting the frizz, specially on humid days .I lathered and sudsed  and dumped the kid on the husband 

2. Tresemme climate control conditioner - Makes your hair so so soft .It has the same properties and
    helps to make your hair fight frizz
3. Heat Protectant - I used tresemme salon sleek smoothning spray.This contains argan oil and nourishes the hair .It protects the hair against the high heat of straighteners. Yay for straighteners though .I straightened my hair and gave a nice toss like the models in the you tube video and sashayed down my stairs to the trip.Another day saved by tresemme.

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Here's my final and sleek look - All shiny and straight. For me ramp ready is any hairstyle that makes you feel confident of yourself and puts a zing in your step cause you know you are looking your best .
This post is a submission for Get your hair ramp ready contest at I liked the tips and tricks shown in the  TRESemmé India Youtube chanel.Try it and see what fun a good hair day can lead to

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