Sunday, May 26, 2013

5 easy manicures to do this week

The weekend beckons with its siren call of shopping, luncheons, soirees and night outs .One needs to put their best foot forward in terms of style to dazzle at these events. We always dress up to the nines with our clothes and matching accessories but we tend to neglect our nails. Nails can actually lend that extra edge or x- factor and snazzy nails can make you the talk of the town.
Here we are enumerating 5 easy designs that will add a spring to your style
  • Fizzy Fun/ Dots – The concept and execution is simple A nice shade as a base coat and once dry use nail tools or even toothpicks to make dots. Seal with a top coat. This link makes clever use of a common office staple. Try it ….
  •  Half Moon nails – An easy and snazzy manicure .The possibilities are endless and you can make it as glittery or as sedate as you want .All you need is a base coat and using some reinforcement stickers paint a darker shade in a half moon shape. This is an excellent tutorial.
Half moon nails

  • French Manicure but not the same old white tipped – The beauty world is awash with the endless possibilities of a different tipped manicure. All you need is a bright shade as a base coat and an even more eye-popping shade for the nail tip. You can use stickers or paper cutouts to achieve perfect tips. This link has a step by step tutorial
French manicures
  • Striped Nails – They looks complex but are relatively simple to pull off if you use nail tapes or even French manicure strips. The key is to cut the strips cleanly and seal with a top coat. This is an excellent tutorial

  • Caviar Manicure – This is the newest and the hottest trend right now. Very impractical but so jazzy for a night out. All you need is a base coat and then use micro-beads. You need to pour the beads on to the still wet base coat. Better be prepared with a container to catch the flow of beads .Clean-up is also easy. This is an excellent tutorial
Ciate Caviar For Less 1

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