Friday, April 26, 2013

First Aid Kit - Travel

Kids are always getting into scrapes and scratches and specially when we are far away from home.Over  a few posts I am going to detail how I travel with my toddler and include information about things to carry in a diaper bag and these are the essential ones.I will not travel without these .I also make sure to keep a small first aid kit for boo-boo's and believe me they have come in handy. I have made use of my first aid kit when my toddler fell and scraped her knee in a zoo among other things.

I received this kit courtesy a children's hospital so I know that it is pretty comprehensive.You can add or subtract as your heart desires.I think the prerequisite is a small bag as we have a mentality of stuffing everything but the kitchen sink in it.Its important to emphasize on the word "travel" hence the need for concise yet comprehensive.

Here are the things you need

  1. A small bag - I use the small zippered bag that I received.It has a hook .It is conveniently red and transparent so I don't spend all my time digging for it. Zip-lock bags work in a pinch 
  2. Band Aids- This is a no-brainer. Make sure to have 5-6 band-aids  preferably water proof and replenish at least once a month.You can get cute character themed ones like Dora and spongebob .It eases me 
  3. Hand Sanitizer Towlettes - Its only for hands and not to clean the wound
  4. Antispectic Ointments Singles / Small tube of Antiseptic Ointment .To cleal a wound or scrape an antiseptic / cleansing wipe may be used 
  5. Soothing Moisturizer like tube of Aquaphor or Aloe Vera Gel for relief from sunburn and minor skin irritations.A small vial of Lacto Calamine may be used. Lacto Calamine is also helpful for relief from insect bites 

All individuals have different needs and this is by no means a complete list.Remember travel lite and stay safe.If all else fails a lot of hugs and kisses will also seal the deal.Leaving you with Barney's Anthem.It sure makes me feel good and the toddler adores it.Make sure you also check the expiration dates for all the items .You can also purchase ready made kits .


  1. First aid kit is really important especially when accidents happened when we are in travel .we need to be prepared in our First aid kit that we want to use.Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Thanks a lot .I completely Agree.The best part is that its portable and light. Im also planning to do a blog post on travelling with toddlers and snacks on the go so stay tuned.

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