Friday, April 19, 2013

Summer summer - Strappy Sandals

Hey Summer ,where are you ? When will I be free of the winters bulk and the boots ....? I salivate about short and wispy clothes .I drool about summer manicures , pedicures and strappy sandals.Please come as soon as you receive this

Thats my letter to summer and dang it , it had better come soon..or else .....
Well summer seems to be in a fickle mind but meanwhile we enjoy some good days.. Days that call for these new summer sandals

Well to wear such cute sandals your feet need to be prepped.So for this I tried this pedicure routine.I used these products to prepare .

1. Epsom Salt - Soak your feet in warm water .Add Dr Teal's Epsom salt (As required) and soak .This is the relaxation phase of your feet makeover.Say Om!!!!Soaking your feet in a tepid bath makes you feel refreshed .All the tension seems to seep out of your feet and you feel fresh.Bonus if your feet are tired and sore after hitting the sales ,this soak will revitalize you for round 2.God save the Husband.

2. Exfoliater/ Scrub -Use any that handy.I had a St. Ives apricot scrub that I use for my face.Just a gob and scrub away after drying your feet with a towel.This helps to slough off the dead skin and brightens the skin tone.This scrub will also remove rough skin around the heels .

3. Moisturizer Cream- After Rinsing and toweling off your feet show your feet some more love by massaging in a cream.I used Eucerin Every Day Protective Moisturizing Body Lotion, SPF 15, Makes your skin soft and dewy and extra marks for the SPF.Every little bit counts and reduces the exposure to sun

4.Nail Polish- Now we have come to the heart of all this primping.A nail polish can make or break this look.Heaven Forbid!!! I chose a nice pastel color from NYC.Cashmere Mist No 184 .This link is just for reference .The color sells for about a dollar. Add a bit of nail art.I added flowers and butterflies to symbolize spring and layer with a clear top coat 

5.Strappy Sandals - Drum-roll for the show stopper.You need killer sandals to complete the look.Slip them on and let the word sigh with envy and say whose that girl (ahem who do these feet belong to at-least)


Think of this when you are out shopping for a new pair or falling in love again with a slightly older pair. As I always say ,If you have it then flaunt it 

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