Thursday, April 25, 2013

Trial sized products pack a punch

I've always wanted to live like a kid in a candy shop. Sample this ,sample that etc etc.We do it for food among other things but we usually never do it for cosmetics and beauty products.Over the course of the year I've received and brought many trial sized products. These are our same old products but miniaturized. I've always been fascinated by miniatures.Dolls bring them on , miniature tea sets and cooking utensils send me salivating and don't even get me started on dogs and other animals( teacup pig anyone).Just the thought of something tiny makes me go gaga and mushy with lots of oohs and aahs... Ask my Mini -me .

I started exploring beauty products and I have been hooked ever since. The cute packaging and sized - ooooooohhhh baby .The best part of trial sized products is Variety.You had me at trial sized.Here's a fun look at how to use trial sized items 

  1. Travelling - Be it to a hotel or mid flight emergencies
  2. Purses/ Diaper Bags- No need to take add /remove things just use duplicates .Especially good for date night emergencies. Food stuck between your teeth( next time go easy on spinach) ,use your handy dandy travel size floss
  3. Gyms/ Schools- Mini wipes and hand sanitisers .
  4. College /Hostels- You never know when that mini deodorant will come handy 
  5. Guest Bathrooms - Leave a little something for your guest and they will thank you 
  6. Car - Hey a little mini gloss never hurt anyone
  7. Emergency / First Aid Kits -I will do a more in depth post for first aid kits for kids. Yes but bandages and trial sized antibiotic creams do the trick 

You can buy the trial sized items for anything and yes I heart beauty products.Here is some stuff I have been using.Sometimes its the little things that matter most in life...

How about you?What products do you use 

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