Friday, April 12, 2013

Book Roll

So these past weeks have gone by planning , planning and planning for Sanskriti's birthday and I thought that enough is enough and I need my literary fix like yesterday.. So here's an update of what I and Minime have been Reading....

The new adventures of curious George (Image courtesy -Margaret and H.A.Rey
You know I never used to like the concept of curious George - A monkey making mayhem (Egads) and then the poor man with the yellow hat dealing with the consequences .Thanks to the minime's fascination with curious george I have actually revised my opinion. I don't like his messes though but having given birth to his twin i can surely empathise with the "Man in the yellow hat" .By the way what is his name?

This is a nice collection of stories specially one where george tours a chocolate factory. We always eat miniatures chocolates when we read this story.Here george almost annihilates the chocolate factory but saves the day. There is a super cute story with missing puppies.I love the story where george makes pancakes.I think one should make pancakes to accompany this story .Then there are some more nice ones about george going to the zoo , movies etc.Ill give the book 4 stars out of 5 for variety, content and specially almost all of them feature a visit to someplace- I like that .Enjoy the book.....

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