Saturday, April 6, 2013

Baby Shower Cake

Aaahhh the pitter patter of little feet is approaching and thankfully not yet for me but for my Neighhbor. I attended my first baby Shower with all its traditions. For us north Indians its called "Reetein" or rituals where its a merry group of women wishing all the best to the soon to be mom and the incubating Baby. I was given the honor of making the Shower cake and the Soon to be Mom's reaction was worth it all.

This is a freehand style of cake but it needs lots of time to ripen. The cake was a simple cake mix topped by butter-cream icing. Two coats of icing later we were ready to roll. Make sure u chill the cake and add the cake topper at the last

Best part home made marshmallow fondant can be used but make the toppers and cure for atleast 2 days. Stuff the shoes with crumpled paper towels to keep its shape.Make the Baby Rattle and decorate it with strips of fondant and sprinkles. I also had hubby draw some onesies and then help me cut them out.

Here's the cake in all its glory...Wish you both (New mom and Baby ) All the best

Heres the template and link I used...It was excellent
Shoes Template and guide

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