Friday, March 1, 2013

My first purse cake - Happy Birthday Sivaranjini

Yummy Pink fondant tinted in different colors  Icing and cake -these are a few of my favorite things... When the occasion called for another birthday cake for one of my close friends i decided to go on a different tangent and make something more personalized.. So here's to you Ranjini -pretty lady with pretty tastes

Heres the cake in all its glory

Heres the sectional

The inspiration for the cake came from and an amazing site

The cake was a funfetti candy cake with yellow buttercream icing.I used Marshmallow fondant for detailing.I took a round cake and split it in the middle .I sandwiched the halves together with buttercream to make it stand upright and let loose on it .

You will need almost one whole bag if marshmallow and 2 pounds icing sugar to make enough fondant.Let the Handles stay upright and in the fridge till the last moment .Insert them only at the last moment. You can insert 2 toothpicks each in each handle to make it stand..

Next up.. Happy Birthday Amit and Jaya.. Watch this space for more updates .....

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