Thursday, April 25, 2013

In the Summer time - the weather is fine

Ya Baby!!!! When the weather is fine its time for summer friendly footwear and pedicures.Trust me summer is the time when clothes and shoes start coming off and we all appear out of our chrysalis.We also hope that the summer makes us more active and we end up lighter  figuratively and literally . On that note here is another video that I am hooked on.My daughter is so acquainted with these videos that whenever I put it on ,she will exclaim "Jillian Michael" and enter into that same more .I swear my daughter is a punishing trainer and she has her routine down pat. We start off with a warm-up for 2 minutes and then she goes around inspecting me and my hubs forms.Watch out Jillian Micheal's you have competition

Anyhooo. I scored these awesome flip - flops cause hey summer is the time for flip-flops and its all about flip- flopping everywhere.Check it out

This really called to me it says sunshine... Warm buttery sunshine .The colors are so vibrant that they call for a special pedicure . I used a Revlon Colorstay Longwear Nail Enamel Marmalade 110. Before you say boo!!!! its orange.Ill let you into a small secret that minime picked it up for me and it looks for bright for summers.

If I buy for me how can I forget my Baby so she also got some summer sandals - Drool Drool

And Finally the finished product - Ta da !!!!! Let the summer games begin....

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