Monday, April 8, 2013

There's Party on my Mind

Spring is around the corner and there's party on my minds.. Ok ok not like a party party but a birthday party for a two year old. Hey..I never claimed to be uber cool.With a toddler under two your social life does revolve around toddlers. Nevertheless I intend to be well coiffed (thanks to my hair straightener) and well made up.For this recipe you need
1. Almay Intense i-color 402 smoky i for blues .The kit contains a dark blue, golden and silver trio.
2. 5 Minutes 

Apply and you're done...What ???You're saying it cant be done for a day birthday party...Well lets just see...Almay Intense i -color comes in a trio of colors with its own shadow brush.The Back contain instructions to apply the shadow.
1. Apply darkest shade (bottom) from lash line to crease blending upwards. 
2. Apply medium shade (center) just above the crease and blend well for a smoldering effect. 
3. Apply lightest shade (top) to the brow bone and/or corners of eyes to highlight.

This eye-shadow works perfectly for brown eyes as well.The best part is that the colors are not on the too intense side and can be easily worn indoors , outdoors ,in the day time as well as night time.Just add another swipe to make it pop more.The shadows are soft and easily blend with fingers too. I specially love to highlight my eyes with more blue. Its compact and easy to use and the colors can also stand in for a swipe as an eyeliner in a hurry. 
Here are the shades against my hand as an illustration for skin tone.

Here is the final product

So definitely this is a keeper .It is also available as a trio for hazels and browns.Try it ......

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