Thursday, April 25, 2013

Palmer's Palmer's Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Oil Review

Pregnancy is filled with joy and trepidation.Joy about the new life you are nurturing and yes trepidation about it also, but more trepidation about the changes to your burgeoning body. While I was pregnant I gained the ubiquitous 20 pounds. I ate nutritiously , yes I sneaked in golgappas and all and yes I exercised as well but I was still stretching and growing. When the skin tears and stretches to accommodate the growing baby it results in scarring or stretch marks .They are silvery grayish and white and can occur due to weight gain. They start off as reddish and purplish and fade over time though not completely.I had done all my research and realised that you can't prevent them but you can try and reduce their appearance and hence I turned to one of the most famous pregnancy products called “Palmers “.They manufacture a whole line of products but I used the “ Palmer's Palmer's Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Oil”

I used it throughout my pregnancy and also post it. I used to massage it onto the more prone areas at least twice a day. A little goes a long way .It is safe for pregnancy .It contains vitamins and ensures fast absorption.I have stretch marks but using it as a mode of moisturising ensured that my skin was soft and supple and slowly and surely it is also lightening the stretchmarks. See , its not a miracle oil but applied religiously will at least make some difference .The best part is that its not limited to stretch marks and is actually a skin therapy oil with vitamin e , so it can be used for old scars, stretch marks , wrinkles , uneven skin tone and its even anti aging. So its a all in one product. Adding it to your beauty regime provides multiple benefits and makes away with many products. It's also reasonably priced .

  1. Non - greasy and gets easily absorbed into the skin
  2. Convenient dispenser means no more messes or splatters
  3. Lovely chocolate like smell - yes its made out of cocoa butter.Trust me this is a huge plus . A jolt of chocolate aromatherapy never did anyone any harm
  4. Makes the skin soft and supple.I've been  noticing a difference in my hands when I massage
  5. Does make the skin more elastic and also improves the appearance of scars

  1. The fragrance may not be as agreeable to everyone
  2. Results will vary based upon the mode and frequency of application

I was mostly satisfied and I will give it 3.5 stars out of 5 specially for the chocolate like aroma and how it makes my skin supple and soft

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