Thursday, March 5, 2015

Happy Moments - A look-up to life story

"When I was just a little girl , I asked my mother what will I be ? She said
Que Sera Sera , Whatever will be , will be ... The future's not ours to see.. Que Sera Sera"- Jay Livingston and Ray Evans

These time immemorial lyrics define intrigue, excitement and zest for what lies ahead in the future. However, very too soon, we all get caught up in the rat race and the humdrum of life. Frankly I, miss the times when I was excited about my future and my dreams. These days, I am focused on working, earning my salary and getting my own house. Yes, my own home signifies a strong financial pinnacle and a sense of achievement. Nevertheless, I feel that I have become a robot rather than a human being with feelings.

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In the middle of this chaotic life, my oasis is the verve and enthusiasm of my daughter. She is always excited about life and what she can achieve when she grows up. Her vivacity and innocence are uplifting, and the moments spent with her without the distractions of modern technology, make my day. She fills my house with positive vibes and optimism. She brings color and laughter to my life with her unique way of thinking. Brimming with ideas and experiments, she makes all the daily struggles seem much more worthwhile. Ever ready to learn and conquer obstacles, she drives me on with her cute hugs and smiles.

The best example of her inspirational attitude was at her annual day dance concert. She had been practicing really hard but fell ill with loose motions around four days before her event. Determined and resolute, she was vehement about attending her concert. I was so apprehensive about her performance as she was very weak. Fortunately, she put all my apprehensions to rest and performed with such zeal that she actually shined in the event. Her four dance performances attracted stupendous applause. Bravos, encores and exceptional performance were like music to my ears. I realized that I too should not harbor negative thoughts and remain positive in order to achieve results. Child is truly the father of man and can teach up important lessons. Life can be much more fun if we focus on things that make us happy.
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