Thursday, March 5, 2015

Pampers Baby Dry Pants for happy mornings

Babies are angels sent upon the earth to remind us that innocence still exists. We are so jaded with the struggles of life that we generally forget to appreciate simplicity, enthusiasm and innocence. Babies remind us to stop, breath in and calm down. Nevertheless, it can be very taxing to look after babies as they cannot communicate verbally. To top it all off, babies are eating and pooping machines. This cycle eventually leads to damp and dirty diapers, which can irritate the babies and keep them cranky. My daughter’s skin is quite sensitive, and she used to get rashes if her diaper remained wet.

However, interacting with babies is a lot of fun. She is so fond of music and any activity. I introduced her to rhymes and even bollywood music and very soon she was grooving to all the ditties. Her favorite rhyme," twinkle little star “ always brings a huge smile to her face. A born actor, she loves to make faces and gives exaggerated expressions. She also loves her daily routine, and in case I miss any of her rituals, she gets mighty upset. Her sweet expressions, her laughter and her love for me are uplifting and make me feel so positive about life.  

I cherish these few precious moments spent with her before her bedtime. She loves to listen to her favorite story, “Everywhere the cow goes moo". I often follow it up with a nice calming massage with olive oil or lavender scented baby cream. Lots of tickling provides oodles of laughter and squirming. To ensure that she sleeps the night through, I use Pampers dry diapers. These keep her dry and cozy and provides an uneventful night for me too. They are leak proof ( No more oops and accidents ) and keep her dry from the inside. The new diapers from pampers called “Pampers Baby Dry Pants” has a special magic gel that keeps the moisture locked in and the baby remains dry up to 12 hours. No more rashes and discomfort and I have a happy and active baby.

My mom introduced me to the ritual of swaddling. I swaddle her in a comfortable cloth blanket, and my daughter loves to be swaddled. I love the cute bundle that she becomes. A lot of rocking and patting put her in the mood for a nice snooze.  
It is actually very calming for me to indulge in these short fun activities with her. Being a horsey, singing songs, making faces, reading books, tickling tiny tummies and blowing bubbles for her is a lot of fun. It connects me to the child within me, who wants to break away from the shackles of the daily routine. Furthermore, I sense that my daughter feels comforted and secured when I do spend quality time with her. It's equally important to invest in premium diapers to ensure maximum comfort for the little one. Pampers has me covered and you can get further details at A dry baby is a happy baby, and a jolly baby means a happier mom.

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