Saturday, March 21, 2015

Day of Happiness - Coca Cola Ishtyle

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The new Coca Cola Ad featuring Sid and Alia took me down memory lane. I remembered that spending time with loved ones makes exceptional memories. The best way to enjoy good company and food is to throw a party and indulge in good food, drinks, gossip and laughter.

The “international day of happiness “ campaign by coke inspired me to take the plunge and inject some fun back into the monotonous routine. It's difficult to manage kids and organize a party at the same time, so a game plan was required. Planning for a party, inviting guests and cooking up enormous amounts of food to feed the hungry hordes is exciting to say the least. I enjoy this madcap phase of organization, cleaning and shopping. It takes me away from the hum drum of my daily routine and is so refreshing. A well-executed party also brings about a sense of accomplishment and productivity. Yes, surprisingly throwing a party makes me happy and gets my juices going. The best part is that my husband partakes in all the activities, and hence I can finally convince him to make his world-famous Pindi chole. The spicy and tangy food and cool drinks are a match made in heaven. The menu of Chole, Maa ki daal, Bhature, Kheer, Mughlai Paneer was simple to execute and absolutely great good. It was so much fun and bantering while we cooked the food. I would love to throw more parties in order to spend some more fun time with my husband. My daughter also got into the act and helped us as much as she could. She also reminded us to keep taking Zumba breaks, and we had to keep shimmying to her favorite songs. It was a perfect family activity without any computers, phones and the Internet.  
After loads of preparation, D day arrived with guests brimming with enthusiasm. Playing a host and looking after my guests made me feel great. It was amazing to hear the laughter, cheer and soak in the illuminated atmosphere. We also started an impromptu dance session to raucous laughter. Guzzling gallons of coke, slurping yummy food and singing out of tune karaoke made one forget the stresses of life.

I feel that working in tandem as a team brings us closer as a family and that thought sure brings a huge smile on my face. Let's get together and cook, drive, eat, play and just have plain fun. These activities and memories are priceless. Simple things like spending time with family and friends make me happy. So the next time, you feel in a rut, Organize your own day of happiness. Make sure it's supported by some fizzy goodness. These bubbles sure make life that much happier. Head on to for your own dose of inspiration and spread smiles and cheer to your loved ones.
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