Saturday, March 14, 2015

Forever , together and Happy Memories - Lookup in Life

Life is full of big and small challenges and choices.Its perplexing, vexing and downright taxing. Sometimes it feels enough of a challenge to get up from the bed. Fortunately for me, I have my mom to buoy my spirits up.  

I specifically remember the confusing time before my daughter was born. I was new to the concept of maternity and alone in the land of dreams (America) . All the doctor visits, diet planning and preparing for the baby were creating a lot of stress on me. While I was overjoyed about having a baby, I was scared about handling in. I felt alone and vulnerable. Fortunately for children, parents don't need to be asked. They just look out for you. Much to my delight, my mom booked a flight to visit us and stay with us to look after the baby for two months.

As soon as my daughter was born, my mother took charge of everything. Even if I felt helpless to soothe my baby, my mom always had a way to infuse laughter and happiness into the situation. From my delivery to handling the baby, she kept saying that “all is well. The company and guidance of your parents can instill so much confidence. Under her tutelage, I could learn the tips and tricks to look after myself and my daughter. I especially remember the times when we would get dressed up to take pictures. This small act of capturing memories added a lot of zing to an otherwise monotonous day. The best part was her enthusiasm, zeal and pure passion to be with the baby. She reiterated that motherhood was not only about responsibilities but also about having a new experience in life.  

My mom is my inspiration to enjoy life with all the challenges that come up. When we shifted to India recently, she helped me set up my house. All her inputs and suggestions helped us take decisions and make our house into a well-loved home. Echoes of laughter, infinite discussions and even more endless cups of tea with my mom are some of my most precious memories. We agree and disagree but make positive and happy memories.  
Now we are on the lookout for another move to a different city. Fortunately for us ,this time around we have a partner in crime called This website will help me narrow down my options, look at pictures and contact owners at my convenience. This will give me more peace and energy to create happier memories with my loved ones. Being #together makes me feel stronger, energized and a more positive person. I feel that I can conquer any problems when I have my parents at my side. You can find more information about choosing the home of your dreams at   

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