Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Yummy Food and Memories - A great way to spend time

(Video Courtesy Kellogs)
“ Eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.”- Anonymous  

We all know this adage yet how many of us actually follow it? I am always pressed for time, when I have to make breakfast. With sleepy eyes and uncoordinated hands, I try to make Paranthas, Poha and Upma. I wait for weekends with bated breath as I know I can get away with brunch. Breakfast at a restaurant is the stuff that dreams are made of. Weight gain is also an issue so breakfast at home is the only option at times.

I recently came across the #‎Kelloggs #‎SolidNashta‬ ‪#‎Breakfast‬ campaign on Facebook and Youtube.The entire concept of neighbors wrangling for Nashta at #‎Guptaji‬’s house touched a chord in my heart. Mrs. Gupta is a rock star in the area , her nashta’s are famous and obviously yummy. Highly intrigued, I checked out the Facebook posts, and I must admit that the #Nashta recipes look scrumptious. Kellogg's is synonymous with quality and goodness. A good breakfast full of grains yet low in fats would really be the key to maintain good health. The bonus here is the speed of preparation. I am sure that I will be able to whip up a tempting array of breakfast items. Mrs. Gupta, If you hear me, please call me to your house for Nashta. I hate cooking so early in the morning, and I never have good ideas. Hence, breakfast is always same old. My daughter would love to try these varieties, and I would love to sample your #Nashta and pick up tips from you. I would surely appreciate her adding high-quality wheat, corn and rice to her diet. Mrs. Gupta’s yummy coconut laddoos, Sitaphal Cornflakes and mouthwatering chapati chivda will be heavenly. I hope Mrs. Gupta calls me to sample all these treats.
If you are like me and are sleep challenged in the morning, then I am sure you would also love these yummy recipes. There is very less preparation involved and the results are well worth the efforts. For information and more recipes visit . All the recipes are listed with the required ingredients and easy methods. There are more than a hundred recipes for your perusal. Moreover, if you are still wondering about the hype, check out the ad at

I am excited about the prospect of meeting Mrs. Gupta and her family; they look so cute. I would also love to skip making breakfast for my family for a day and be pampered like a queen. The best part is that with such yummy recipes under my belt, I would also be much in demand. They say that the way to everyone’s heart is good food. Hence, I intend to capitalize on that. Yummy food and good memories - Great times.

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