Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My story of change - Lookup in life

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“Home is where the heart is .” - Famous Idiom

These words hold a extremely special place in my heart. I am a typically nuclear family bred kid who has close ties with my parents. Hence it was very difficult to stay far away from my parents. I was newly married and excited about our move to the land of the dreams - USA. It felt great to be independent, and it was all fun and games for some time. However, the solitude soon started creeping in. I felt incomplete without my family and missed out on all the fun in the festivals.

Cut to year 2014, we decided to move back to our homeland in order to be near our parents. It was especially relevant for my daughter to spend time with her grandparents. It was a scary time, and we had been gone for a long time and were anxious about this new change. However, I firmly believe that change can help us shake the monotony in our life. Its nerve wracking to take the plunge, yet change makes us feel so empowered. There is such an adrenaline rush and so many decisions to take. Though we are based in Delhi, we were posted to Bangalore. The IT city was a stranger but not for long. We spent a lot of time with brokers in order to narrow down an apartment. I am extremely fussy about the location and safety of my residence. At times, my husband would get exasperated with all my demands yet we should soldier on. I wanted a house close to excellent schools, shopping and with great amenities for my daughter. An apartment is a home only when it echoes with laughter and pleasant memories. The best part of this exercise that my daughter got to spend time with her grand parents. Her laughter, excitement and sheer unadulterated happiness made it all so worth the effort.  

Trying to rent an apartment through agents, paying their fees and visiting numerous horrible locations is probably the only fly in this ointment. I recently saw the advertisements for It really got me thinking that I could have had an easier time in finalizing a place. At , I browsed through the site and found it to be quite interactive. In fact, I am on a lookout for a bigger flat near my husband's office, and provided a plethora of options. I searched for the bedrooms as per my budget and in the location of my choice. I could browse through pictures and amenities offered. This gave me a fair idea of the apartment, and I could narrow down my options. I love this new and easier interface in my rental search. I am sure that I will be able to get an apartment of my dreams using
All is well that ends well, and I feel this move has helped me live the moment. I was very happy with my move to India and feel surrounded with the warmth of my loved ones. So, take the plunge and make the change for a better life. Lookup in Life !   

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