Saturday, February 28, 2015

You learn from your own offspring - Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhao!

If someone was to tell me five years ago that I would become fearless, free from inhibitions and a self-reliant person, I would have laughed at them. However, five years on, caring for a baby and encouraging her dreams and aspirations have made me into a better person.
Now, I don't feel inhibited to raise my voice on any wrongdoing as I know that I need to set a good example for her. If I cower and act indifferent to key issues in life, then that's what she will learn. She has also taught me many lessons in life. Being young and only four doesn't mean that her emotions are less intense than those of a grown up. In fact, she goads me into helping others. She says that we must help the poor and give them money and food. Taking a leaf from her book, I ensured that I gave food those in need. Furthermore, she also wanted to celebrate her birthday in a grand manner. I had to Marshall all my resources and managed to arrange a party with all her perquisites - Balloons, Barbie's theme decoration, Barbie cake and a tattoo artist. In a new city with zero support from friends and family, the task seemed a bit tall at times. Digging deep into myself, I managed to ensure that she had the birthday party of her dreams.
When I am fighting her battles and helping her achieve her dreams, I feel a sense of confidence and accomplishment in life. I know that I have to be strong in order to protect her from many things. I need to interact with teachers and other parents and be articulated and confident. She has definitely changed me from being a wallflower to someone who is not that inhibited about sharing concerns. She is an extremely active child, and I have realized that I cannot depend on my husband to ferry me around for her classes. I managed to shirk off my driving blues and started driving after six long years, and I feel quite unfettered.
I want her to grow up and pursue creativity rather than the hum drum of a mundane life. To that extent, I have already started fiscal planning using various instruments. The right mix of equity, life insurance and fixed deposits will allow her to match her financial burdens. It will also ensure that I don't suffer from sleepless nights at that stage. I don't want her to pursue my ambitions yet I want her to be able to reach great heights in all her pursuits without being worried about money. Thanks to her, I have started to manage my finances to plan for the future. I definitely feel that kids teach us so many things in life.   

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