Friday, February 27, 2015

I have a dream - A dream of a new car

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“I have a dream” - Martin Luther King.

While MLK  had a dream of equality, peace and freedom from prejudice, I have a dream of a cool new car. The well worn and beloved car is now 11 years old, older than even most relationships. It has stood the test of time but now its time to retire it and invest in a swanky car with the most amazing features. Moreover, the weather is scorching in Bengaluru, and the air conditioning is dead in my old car. Hence, its now the time to invest in  a new set of wheels.  While buying and selling any item, there is always a doubt about the best price. I want to sell my car at a reasonable price, yet  I also want to buy a gently used car to fit my budget. The answer to all these issues is Quikr NXT. You can get more details at and download the app for android and iPhone.
I have a great plan to use Quikr Nxt to make money and get a good deal on my Upgraded car.
  1. I will list my old faithful on quikr with lots of pictures, and I will provide accurate details about any known issues and accidents. I can let the buyers know that the papers are up to date, and the air conditioning does not work.Its easier for the buyers to take an informed decision. Buyers can catch me on chat, and I will be able to provide feedback even on the go. I can be e proactive and respond to messages about price negotiations, pictures and specs of the car.
  2. Meanwhile, I will be on the lookout for a car that fits my budget and has the features that I crave. It's comfortable to search for the car using the search functions on quikr. I can search by brands, fuel types, price ranges, colors, ads posted by dealers or individuals or used or new cars. I can then sort by price and ads with photos. The best part is that I can chat with the sellers without having to call them up. I can request all the information about their cars. I can clear my doubts, even if they surface at 3 am in the morning. Quickr also provides an opportunity to send a free SMS to the sellers.

I am confident that I will be able to get a reasonable price for my old car, and I can use that money to upgrade to a car with power steering and an ice-cold air conditioner. Quikr nxt certainly makes it much easier to sell and buy a car. It's easy to chat and set up viewing without being glued to telephone calls. Try it and you will not be disappointed.
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