Sunday, February 1, 2015

Bech Quickr and forget the fikr

All the world's a big marketplace. Shopping is constantly on our minds while we are at the mall, at a school event or even when we are meditating. We are invariably on the look out for the finest deals and the best services.
In fact, I was on the lookout for event management for my daughter's birthday, and I found the answer in the quickr app. I searched for all the decorators, tattoo artists and magicians on the quikr app and liaised with all the vendors through the chat feature. I could receive quotes as per my requirements and finalized the vendors. It was a eureka moment, and I realized that the   Quikr next was the answer to all my shopping problems.

Going through the app and using the chat features, I realized that I love the app and prefer using it rather than making a phone call for the following reasons
1. Connectivity - I could leave my messages any time of the day or night, and the vendors could revert as per their convenience. Moreover, I would also get an alert if some vendor reverted to my queries. This was highly convenient as I would often forget to call them during the business hours. I would invariably remember in the evenings and by then everyone would be unavailable. Furthermore, I have horrendous phone service and am consistently missing calls. I would easily receive the messages in my app through my Internet connection.
2. Comfortable access to Information - While I was haggling with the rates, it was simpler to remember what I had bargained for and what I was getting in return through the chat history. It was easier than writing on a paper and then searching high and low for that paper. I had a record of all the rates and quantities as agreed upon.
3. Privacy - Its usually very risky to share numbers with strangers, and generally, I would share my number with the vendors. Quickr nxt provided me the opportunity to engage in conversations without releasing my number. This made me feel safe, and I could haggle and shop for services and products with an worry-free mind.
Overall, I would recommend the Quickr nxt chat features as they really make life easier for us shopaholics. The app itself is easy to use and allows for quick sorting through the plethora of buyers and sellers. I am now looking forward to selling some old yet in prestige condition appliances. As a seller also, quickr next chat offers the same benefits of convenience, privacy and access to past conversations. It's an in one genie.
So what are you waiting for? Download the app and get started on this wonderful and exciting journey of buying and selling on Quikr. It’s the time to “bech quickr” and buy quickr.   

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