Tuesday, February 17, 2015

IDBI Federal Lifesurance Whole Life - Befikar Umar Bhar

Monetary Stability, oodles of time and creative freedom define the quality of life we all aspire   to. We spend all our lives working hard and saving harder to provide stability in our lives. And sometimes, our own personal yearnings get relegated to post everything.... We all wish that we had a magic wand that would manage all our financial worries without sacrificing on the fun quotient in life. Well, there is no magic wand but careful  financial planning can make our lives that much easier. The IDBI Federal Life Whole Life  Policy claims to be the solution to all these worries. It provides a fixed sum on a  predetermined date and no more premiums are required for further life cover.Sounds good to me. You can check out all the details at  

If all my financial issues were sorted there are a number of things I would like to indulge in. Here are my five top dreams that I would like to cross off my bucket list.  

  1. Backpack and travel all around Europe - Europe, beautiful Europe! It beckons me with ethereal landscapes. I would live and eat in Europe. I would visit the splendor of England and the fairies of Scotland. Immerse myself in the tall tales of the naughty leprechauns. I would devour the pastries and Coffees of France. Above all, I would revel in the sun kissed beaches of Spain and Greece with no worries about my financial future. I would be befikar.  
  2. Open my own Restaurant - Launching a restaurant entails 24/7 involvement and a lot of risk. I have seen many a ventures tank and savings lost as restaurants closed down due to inexperience or poor management. I would love to open a family-run restaurant with great food, music and loads of fun.  
  3. Take Classes - I am a huge baking fan, and I would love to take baking classes. I am always hesitant about taking these classes as I don't know if I could generate a Return on my Investment. If I was free to do as I choose, I would set up my cookery classes.  
  4. Star in my movie - I would bankroll my own venture based upon a very intense story that I have loved. It sure is a bucket list item. Tom Cruise? The story would be replete with   typical bollywood masala songs and many dream sequences. The locales would be as exotic as possible.
  5. Go for an all out adventure trip ala Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara- I have been enamored by the concept of facing my fears and conquering them. I would love to learn swimming and go for scuba diving and snorkeling. I would also like to undertake cage diving in shark-infested waters for that extra thrill.

All these things are on my bucket list, and this keeps me going. I dream of fulfilling some of these aspirations in my life. With life insurance and other financial products, I have the opportunity to spend fully and live my dreams.  
This is a submission for the Indiblogger contest. Life is waiting!   

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