Thursday, January 22, 2015

Healthy child and a Happy Home

The patter of energetic feet, twirling, swerving , hula - hooping and dancing are signs of a healthy and happy child.Yet , these days children are burdened with studies and extra -curricular activities.To top it all off, sick days are becoming more and more frequent due to the changing climate and pollution.With the little one sick, there are no more tickling fests , long driven stories and incessant demands of Mamma catch me .The house feels empty , sad and silent.Its not the same with an under the weather mini-me.

Healthy children are the lifeblood of the family.After a long days work , the innocent stories and games are surely a stress buster.My daughter who is just four is a budding baker and knows her fondant from her butter cream and its just so much fun and luaghter to bake with her.A sticky kiss and a heart-felt I LOVE YOU mommy is the reward enough. She just started nursery and is often exposed to a whole host of illnesses at school. Moreover, she has a host of interests including dancing , karate and even roller skating.She needs to be charged up to tackle all her hobbies.Good food, sleep and great immunity will set the stage for her to become the rock star that she is destined to be.  

Here is my Daughter All charged up for Roller Skating

Here she is Doing Zumba at her sports Day

Our parents usually tell us that they were sick less often and has stronger immunity to various ailments.Yes , the key to keep little ones charged up and active is "immunity".Immunity ensures that kids are less vulnerable to debilitating diseases and unfortunately there are no vaccines for it,But hey, who doesn't remember the ooey gooey pot of black gold ,that our parents used to give us ?

Yes, the ubiquitous Dabur Chyawanprash is an old age Ayurveda tradition that works even today.Its chock full of herbs such as Amla (The All-rounder) and other immunity boosting super heroes such as Giloy and Ghee. This elixir provides you with disease fighting powers and ensures that life and fun don't have to stop for illnesses.For the skeptics like me, Recent scientific studies have proved its disease fighting properties.Also, who doesn't love that yummy Chyawanprash taste.

So What are you waiting for ? Embrace Dabur Chyawanprash as your go to immunity doctor and include it in your daily routine.I have done the same and certainly feel that my daughter falls ill lesser and her constant chatter and high spirits infuses us with vigor and makes my home a healthy and happy one.
Image courtesy Dabur
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