Friday, January 23, 2015

Cupid Games

   Ahh !!! The flutter and excitement of your current crush .Its the stuff fairy tales are made of. I remember my first crush (Cue ....Baby by Justin Bieber) and the nervousness and the excitement of meeting him and exchanging those coy glances with him. Wow....Its making me crave for a death by chocolate pastry (It was our favorite) and many a spoonfuls were fed to each other.

Well, Valentines Day approaches and it heralds the dawn of the season of love.The world is awash with the colors of reds and pink. These days there is such a fantastic countdown to valentines day. The chocolate day , teddy bear day provides ample opportunity to confess our love to someone who makes our hearts go “Dhak Dhak” literally.Love is a wonderful feeling and you never know when it creeps up. This contest by indiblogger got my creative and Mills and Boons romantic juices flowing and I got to thinking about the best way to propose to my crush for my happily ever after.

Young love is a thing to treasure and the attachments formed during college aka college sweethearts are always in vogue. To attract the attention of my paramour , I would go the old fashioned way. I am a baker, I crave to create, whip up, ice and decorate and this has been my life long passion. Its always scary to make the first move but hey, its 2015 and women can choose to be as emancipated as they want.I know that I will surely impress my sweetie by baking him a cake and pouring in all my love. They do say , that love makes everything taste better.

So here is the Plan of actions. Then a day prior to the rendezvous, I would bake up a storm. A rich chocolate, chocolate , chocolate cake would just hit the spot. A rich fudge cake with multi-hued chocolate chips will be baked-up with love. I will then pour on a smooth chocolate river of chocolate ganache into the layers. As it cools down, I will whip up the lightest ,airiest and captivating whipped cream icing and decorate the cake. While I am doing this , I am going to think of my crush and how surprised he will be.

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On the R - day (Rendezvous Day), I am going to glam up a bit . Casual , flirty and fresh rather than vampy is what I am aiming for. Just for that extra boost of confidence , I am going to use Colgate Gel Toothpaste (Flirty red for full effect ) and hope that he agrees to be mine. The jingle of “Paas Aao, paas ao, Meri Saanson main Samaon , Paas aaon na “ has been running through my mind these past day. Well fingers crossed , I will present this cake to him and hopefully we will have a happy ending as well.

This blog is a post for indibloggers contest on Cupidgames and you can know much more at you a happy Valentines Day as well.

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