Monday, July 7, 2014

Just Because

The pitter patter of little feet outside the doorbell , the jangling of the doorbell and the Mom open ups heralded the arrival of Sanskriti. The whirling dervish of excitement caught me in a bear hug and inquired , “Mom , when is my birthday ? Can it hurry up? “.This was followed up with demands of marshmallow fondant and ganache .Not too bad , considering that the budding baker is only 4 years old .

I decided to give in to her demands and uttered those 3 words which she loves to hear every time, “Yes , lets bake “. Her infectious laughter upped the ante and we decided to surprise her dad with a chocolate and chocolate cake. Luscious , light as air chiffon sponge with a decadent , creamy and heart melting chocolate ganache.

As we measured and scooped ingredients , we were on the lookout for the perfect vessel for all the gooey goodness.I suddenly remembered the borosil square glass dish gifted by my mom which had been the recipient of many a finger licking sweet dish.

With little fingers helping me and nibbling on the chocolate , we smashed and broke the chocolate into pieces. Mysteriously only 50 gms survived out of the 100 gms , with a tiny mouth smeared with chocolate. Sifting and blending , we prepared a thick and chocolatey mass of goodness. We poured the voluptuous batter into the dish and set it to bake. Little fingers helped with the cleaning up of the mixing bowl .

With the cake baked and cooled , we set off with the death by chocolate ganache frosting.The thick bittersweet ganache makes you gulp down the frosting all at once. The ganache with its glistening cream and chopped chocolate came together in a thick viscous chocolate mass that was lightened up with vigorous whisking.

The icing completed , we waited with baited breath for the bell to ring and to shout surprise for the unsuspecting Dad.Confronted with sheer dark and intense indulgence , he asked me the occasion . I replied “just , because”. Sometimes nothing gives more pleasure than a rich and creamy dessert served in a bowl that reminds you of good things .

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