Monday, January 27, 2014

3 Exercises for periods

Whenever its that time of the month or even before it we start feeling fatigued and listless.In fact we do go to work / studies and also manage the house expertly even during these times but as always exercise is neglected .
In fact many myths are there to not exercise related to anemia etc but after discussion with your doctor you can maintain fitness during these days and exercise is  the best panacea for the dreaded bloat which adds 5-10 pounds .Being active increases endorphin's and oxygen supply to the blood making you feel tons better .

Here are a few words of caution before embarking on a fitness regimen during periods

  • Make sure to stretch to avoid any muscle pulls
  • In case you attempt yoga inverted poses should be avoided.
  • Ensure the right protection and  proper clothing and shoes.
  • Don't go overboard and don't undertake strenuous /vigorous exercises. It can interfere with your periods ex avoid boot-camps , Excessive weights 
  • Moderation should be the key and always listen to your body ..

Here are a few easy ways to remain fit and active

  1. Moderate Walking - Choose a speed which is comfortable and ensure 40 minutes of walk every second day .Fresh air / Treadmill whatever is accessible will be extremely beneficial .You can soak out all the stress using aromatherapy products .If going outside does not appeal to you , you can turn to our handy dandy "youtube".I have used youtubedownloader to download videos to repeat use.Here is a video where you can walk the pounds away at home.You can also divide the segments into 1 mile increments.

    2. Light to Moderate weights for Sculpting Arms / Shoulders- By focusing more on sculpting
       arms and shoulders in combination with light cardio and walking you can reap maximum 
       benefits.This will not put pressure on your Abs alone and will be much easier to do .You can also
       do arms with  weights lying down to define your biceps .Again, youtube is a treasure trove of
       videos .Here is one  I like

    3. Do a Dance Workout - I don't know of anyone who doesn't enjoy dancing.Dancing just puts 
        you in a better mood and makes everyday feel like a party.There is just so much satisfaction in 
       dancing.Just grab a friend or two or even one and lets Cha cha. Zumba is also particularly fun 
       during periods and you can dial up or down the intensity .If nothing more at-least you'll be up and 
       about rather than in the dumps  .Who can be grumpy during a booty shake ? You can
       try a variety of dance videos including 

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