Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wilton cake decorating course 1

Yeah.. I finally did .. I made it to the first class for the cake decorating and I was soooo excited I made my Hubby drop me off 10 mins earlier than start time... Initial hiccoughs resolved .. we were on our merry way mixing and piping... YAY and then suddenly I heard a wail so distinctive to any Mommy ... So I bought minime into my class... BTW the teach is Fab... Shout out to Allison..
Well just and update..
The first class's pretty basic.. All you do is see a lot of products... Admire ur  Amazing Kit

I bought it at michaels @ 50 % off....
You genreally learn to mix icing and pipe stars... Next up we have to decide on a design and Ice our first cake...... Bring it on

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