Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Class Two

Class Two n the cake decorating course was a blast... It was fun.. We had to take one cake.. Which the instructor helped me to ice and ts about transferring a pattern onto a cake using piping gel.. Pretty Nifty. I tried a Bird as my Tot is quite fond of the words....
So all you need to do is
1. Decide on a deisgn and cover the deisgn with wax paper. Tape it so it stays put... Word of warning.. It works on the mirror effect so if u want a particular direction of if u have words.. Put the picture in reverse.
2. Trace the design using piping gel mixed with a colour onto wax paper
3. Once ur buttercream is set .. Put the wax paper piping gel side  down onto the cake and using a plin brush.. lightly brush the pattern
4. Pray.. Peel off pattern slowly and Voila...
5.Pipe as desired ....

U can also transfer more complex pictures using buttercream transfers ... More on that later

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