Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What we are reading this week

When you have a wild and wacky toddler dancing on your head in the summers , the library provides its largess to entertain your toddler for hours.I love , love , love the library here.Our library at newcastle county is a treasure trove.Where else can you find legos, puzzles and even a doll house to entertain your toddler ?Lets not even get into the friendly staff that recognizes me as the person who puts 40 holds on at once.It has amazing resources , i have checked books out of each genre.Each and every time that I check out books , I am in awe of the library ...
This week we are reading

  1. Richard Scarry's All the colors of busytown- Richard Scarry needs no introduction and is a much loved kids book author.His simplistic style of prose and the illustrations are adorable.In this book we are introduced to a world of colors in fact a rainbow of colors .I like this book and rate it 4 out of 5 stars for composition, words and illustrations. Sanskriti enjoys it.
  2. Dinosaur Trains- Big and Small - How many , many episodes have I seen of dinosaur train? Did I mention that my daughter has a princess craze but adores dinosaurs as well ?What I marvel at is how 2 year olds can pronounce and recognize Argentinosauraus , stegasoraus and a T-Rex.Based on the wildly successful exploits of  the Pteranodon Family , this book lets the children expolre the concept of big and small animals and how each one is special no matter what their size is .5 out of 5 for illustrations and putting the message across.
  3. The Bernsteins Bears New Pup- This is a level one reading book with an easy theme of the bears adopting a dog who is naughty and badly in need of potty training.Trust me , I can soo empathize with the Mama bear who finds a calling card (code word poo) .My toddler is making us undergo the same and trust me its not pleasant.More on that later 

Read , read and read to your kids no matter how big or small they are and you will find life much more enriching.

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