Sunday, June 2, 2013

Grill -Fest and how to be beautilicious while grilling

I finally managed to attend my first grilling party and let me tell you , I was hoooookked..
All the credit goes to my friends who managed all the food and supplies.This memorial day , the weather was kind to us and in the 70's.We had an utter blast.It was 5 continuous hours of combined cooking , gossiping , grilling , playing , eating and then eating some more.
It was a feast to the senses - sound , smell , sight, touch , taste...And yes the jeans were tighter but hey that's what its all about.  The pictures are from my amazing friend Sivaranjini's camera . I claim no ownership but do claim some participation in the fun.
On the menu were some amazing grilled chicken legs and some out of the world paneer and veg kababs,

Here is the amazing grill with the coal fire all stoked up

Yummy Food.

Here is the recipe for an all purpose marinade which can be used for paneer tikkas or chicken.The recipe is basically from the everest spice mix recipe and actually turns out to be pretty good.. Mix 4 tsp ginger/garlic paste, 4 tsp Everest Tandoori Chicken Masala and 6 tbsp strained (thick) curd. Marinate overnight for a deeper flavor.For chicken or paneer thread onto skewer with vegetables and spray with non stick spray .

Now for then crux of it all - Beauticilious products to keep you feeling fresh even in the high heat of grilling

  • BB Cream - The "Baap " of all creams. Lets face it , you will be grilling when the summer is fine and hot and you will be spending the majority of the day out.You need an all purpose to keep you "with it" and protected all the time.Enter the BB cream. The Maybellline BB cream is perfect as it has broad spectrum sun-creen and all the other magical ingredients to keep you looking like a princess.

(Image courtesy

  • Anti antiperspirant - Trust me you need an antiperspirant which does not wear off while grilling or you will smell the eau de toilette eek.Secret antiperspirant works well for me.It dries on clear and is long lasting .. try it .(Image courtesy
  • Water proof mascara - A mascara is a woman's best friend but you need a mascara to keep up with you and not run away from you.Choose a light weight waterproof mascara that wont end up making you look like a raccoon.Image courtesy

  • Long lasting lipper -  Whats a cookout without glamour and drama.You cant be having a grill fest without looking like a queen.Choose a long lasting lipstick like the one that sticks around for 24 hours.Image courtesy .

Above all else remember to hydrate and to replenish your sunscreen and rock the  party.Many many memories will be made and you will cherish them forever.

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