Friday, November 18, 2011

And then were cupcakes

As promised .. here comes my first post on .... drumroll "mini cupcakes".. I love any thing mini.. mini me ( Bon bebe), mini peppadew peppers .. u have to try them and mini dishes , mini many more.. so I thought about making mini cupcakes for our mini soiree or the ladies potluck being held today.. Pardon the photos ... Its my first blog and it was 7 am in the morning... Done so to avoid waking up Mini me....
The Ingredients ...This is from the Blog Baketitude by my sister.... Google it... Its the best blog....If I do say myself..i halved it n still ended up with 24 mini cups... i ate a few along the way also ... so
1 cup ap flour ( 200 gms )
1/2 cup oil
1/2 cup yoghurt
1/2 tsp + 2-3 pinches baking soda
1tsp vanilla
A handfull of crushed walnuts... sifted with flour so that they dont sink
3.5 tbsp cocoa powder .. its not a lot.. a must for the chocolaty flavour
1 tsp instant coffee
1/2 cup plus adjust more for taste if not frosting- sugar ... in fact add more to make it sweeter

Mini cupcake wrappers
Non Stick Spray as were nuking them ..
The Method Briefly....
Mix the oil , yoghurt and sugar together and stir till blended . Dissolve cocoa powder and coffee powder in warm water to remove lumps. Add this to the oil concoction. Finally add in the vanilla essence and stir together .
Sift Flour and Baking soda together and fold in flour little by little stirring in one direction till there are no lumps... It should be of a batterlike dropping consitency

Spray mini cupcake holders with non stick butter spray and arrange in a circle with a small bowl filled wih water in the middle.. Now the original recipe asks for 70 % power 6-9 minutes... Keep checking.. Mine is a 1000 W so at 70 % power they were done at around 5sh or to speed it up for 8 cupcakes witj around 1.25 tbsp batter 2.15 minutes at 100% power with 2 minutes standing time worked for me
Ice them.. I used pillsbury fudge frosting.. A sprinkle of spinkles... n ure done... cheers ....New trick learnt.. how to frost with one hand while holding mini me in the other hand... And note .. this is my first time frosting.. More on the frosting pen laterrsss

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