Thursday, November 5, 2015

Pampers Premium Care Pants #Softestforbabyskin

Babies are old souls in new bodies. They are unfettered from expectations and hence are free to explore the world on their terms. I often feel that the weight of the world washes off me when I take a long and soothing day after unusually tiring days. The feeling of weightlessness is exhilarating and I am sure that babies feel that same sense of comfort in their own skin.

Luckily , they can get away with being chilled out in their own skin unlike us. Unfortunately due to convenience and the stress of mess , we hardly ever leave them uncovered. I ensured that my daughter was in a diaper 24 by 7 to ensure that there were no surprises to clean up .This adds up to chafed skin , lack of movement and irritable babies.

Yay for Pampers , who have come out with a line of diapers which are so soft for the baby .After I started using these diapers I noticed that she was happier and was less irritable. I used to find my daughter cranky as she used to feel hemmed in with the diapers. She would let loose and do a happy dance when I removed her diaper . She could feel the kiss of the breeze of her bare skin and she loved it. Using the utilitarian diapers available in the market made her pouty and less prone to play .

I particularly remember that one sultry summer day when we were out on a trip to the beach , when we had one of the best times ever. The weather was scorching and while we were lounging in the shade , the little baby was enjoying her first taste of ice - cream. She was bundled up in her bathing suit over her diaper. She was squirming in my lap trying to get free from the encumbrances. We moved over to the water and I dipped her toes in the water. She started giggling and had an expression of pure joy on her face. She was struggling to get free but I was scared of letting her go and getting her diaper wet. I just decided to give in to her whims and fancies and took off her diaper and clothes . Woe and behold , she went completely ballistic .She started skittering everywhere and enjoyed so much . She splashed and played and had a gala time. I definitely did not regret setting her free. She definitely enjoyed the feeling of her bare skin against water.

Pampers new line of whisper soft diapers which are oh so soft for the baby's skin are a godsend for irritable babies. These soft as baby skin diapers allow the skin to breathe and ensure less chafing and irritation. Try them , I know I have and I have loved them .
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